The mission of this project is to teach people how to speak and write to themselves in a more loving and friendly manner than the familiar inner critic who so often dominates our minds and punishes our spirits.

Self-loathing is a rampant epidemic in our contemporary culture — so prevalent as to have become the default setting in most of our minds. Seldom do we stop to question whether it is normal or healthy to live within a consciousness that is constantly attacking, judging, and insulting itself. But to condemn yourself as unlovable is to swallow a terrible lie. And to believe that you must earn love through perfectionism, or that you must seek love from others in order to become whole, turns all of us into hungry beggars.

I believe there is an ocean of warm, affectionate, and outrageously unconditional love available to us all — and that it is conveniently accessible from within. I don’t believe anyone is excluded from this ocean of love; it is only a question of learning how to hear it, how to feel it, how to trust it. And to walk this path together makes this exercise even sweeter.